Jiroft Book

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this book it shows just a little bit of art of Jiroft civilization and we scan some pictures from this book. First read the text below please to have a little bit background

The world's oldest civilization is Sumer which locates in Mesopotamia (Iraq) but recently archaeologists have found the independent Bronze Age civilization in south of Iran called Jiroft, "the lost heaven", which is equal or even older than Sumer civilization. This book published in 2003 in three different languages- English, French and Persian. This book is very rare and there is a copy of this book in Amazon.com which costs $900(click here see the Print page of Amazon.com), but we have scaned this precious book free for you to introduce the 5,000 years of civilization with amazing objects which there were so advanced. This book was published before founding of Ziggurat and writing language tablet. Jiroft is 10,000 years old but the Mesopotamia is 8,000 years old. Jiroft is cradle of Art and civilization so please take a look at this unbelievable objects and for more information click here.

for reading and look at the pictures please click on the paper to see it in larg

The only civilization in the world had produced half human and half snake or scorpion

This patterns show the architectures building or palaces in that time